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National Group delivers worlds second largest dump truck for BHP Peak Downs mine site

National Group’s heavy transport solutions brand; National Heavy Haulage (NHH), has delivered five Ultra-Class Liebherr T 282 C Dump Trucks to BHP ’s Peak Downs mine site in Central Queensland.

These massive Mining trucks required police escort and road closures from Mackay to Peak Downs over five separate trips throughout the months of September and October.

“This was not your everyday type of haul. The trucks are some of the biggest in the world and have an empty vehicle weight of more than 260 tonne so when you put that into perspective, they each weigh more than 130 standard cars. It takes a highly efficient and reliable team to deliver a haul of this size and our NHH guys were able to do it without any concerns at all,” says the Managing Director of the National Group, Mark Ackroyd.

To put things in perspective even further, Red Bull recently listed the Liebherr T 282 C as the equal second largest Mining Truck on the planet in their article; 5 biggest dump trucks in the world, with a payload capacity of 400 tonne.

General Manager of NHH, Ian Scott, was surprised with the sheer size of these machines but says he was never worried about their fleet of trucks capabilities.

“These were definitely some of the biggest loads we have dealt with but that is what we are known for. We utilise top of the range Kenworth prime movers and Drake heavy duty trailers, so when you combine these with a team focus on safely and delivering the biggest and best equipment there is, nothing is too hard or too big to shift.”

Now that the last Liebherr Truck has been delivered to Peak Downs, they will each undergo a final on-site assemble by National Mining Services, who are also a part of National Group, and then be officially handed over to BHP to go to work.

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