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Bower’s Heavy Haulage has bought majority of Tutt Bryant heavy haulage fleet

Bower’s Heavy Haulage, formally known as the Betts Bower Haulage Group, has made a strategic investment buying the Tutt Bryant heavy haulage fleet.

Company representative Michelle Bower says the Tutt Bryant company wanted to focus on its cranage fleet and made an offer of sale to Betts Bower for its heavy haulage fleet.

“It felt right, and we felt privileged they came to us first,” she tells Australian Custom Trucks Magazine.

Both Bower’s Heavy Haulage and Tutt Bryant say they are looking forward to maintaining the business relationship.

The purchase involved 20 units of equipment, including their prime movers, platforms, low loaders, dollies, counterweights and accessories.

The purchase continues a rich history of both companies working together.

Mrs Bower says the relationship between Tutt Bryant and Bower’s Heavy Haulage began almost four and a half decades ago.

“John and Ruth Bower, owner Daniel Bower’s highly regarded grandparents, started Bower’s Heavy Haulage and Crane Service in 1946,” she explains.

“A gentleman named Trev Hallett started Muswellbrook Cranes in 1972 and Bower’s Heavy Haulage and Cranes Service and Muswellbrook Cranes, were the only two of the same business in the Hunter Valley at the time.

“Daniel being brought up in the industry has known the management and operators from both entities over his 36 years, having fond memories of the people from both businesses,” she adds.

She says that in 2004 Bower’s Heavy Haulage and Crane Service sold out to Boom Logistics whilst under the management of Daniel’s father Rob and not too long after in 2007 Muswellbrook Cranes, followed suit and sold to Tutt Bryant.

“In 2009 Betts Bower Haulage Group commenced trading and relied on both Boom Logistics and Tutt Bryant for cranage, Daniel was sticking to his passion of heavy haulage and avoiding the cranage side of the business,” she says.

In 2015, Betts Bower bought most of the Boom Logistic transport fleet, taking on a contract to perform their transport supply.

“Following the buyout Betts Bower continued to grow doubling in fleet size between 2015 and now,” Michelle says.

Bowers Heavy Haulage, formally known as the Betts Bower Haulage Group, has had a massive year so far with a name change and an ownership change.

“Earlier in the year was the buyout of our business partner and close friend Chris Betts, who returned to Walcha NSW, committed to his family business, Betts Transport Pty Ltd,” explains Mrs Bower.

“This year, we are going back to our heritage, with special sentiment, we have rebranded back to Daniel’s Grandfather and Fathers business, Bower’s Heavy Haulage.”