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Volvo Trucks release graphic accident footage – as a shock safety message

Volvo Trucks Australia has released video footage from inside the cab of a truck involved in a high impact collision.
Taken from inside the cab of a Volvo FH16 truck traveling at 85 kilometres per hour, it shows the moment of impact in the remote Australian outback during the dark of night.
The truck is hit by the fourth trailer from an oncoming road train, which had come loose and begun to sway across the median strip of the highway.
Despite the ferocity of the impact, the driver walked away from the collision unharmed.
“The value of this video is that it shows how quickly an everyday drive can turn into an accident, through no fault of the driver,” says
Vice President of Volvo Trucks Australia, Tony O’Connell said:
“Safety is at the heart of everything Volvo does and a number of design features combined to ensure the driver was protected and walked away without suffering injury or worse.
“The critical life-saving safety feature in this collision was the three-point seat belt, without which the outcome for the driver would likely have been quite different.”
By wearing his seat belt, the driver of the Volvo truck was kept in position while all of the vehicle’s other safety features engaged around him.
Mr O’Connell added: “Too many non-belted truck drivers lose their lives needlessly.
“Our research shows that 50% of non-belted truck occupants killed in accidents would have survived if their seat belts had been properly used.
“We urge all road users – truck and car drivers and passengers of coaches fitted with seat belts – to please use them.
“Put your safety first, put on your seat belt.”
The three-point seat belt was invented and patented by Volvo in 1959. The patent was left open, so other automobile manufacturers could adopt this life saving passive safety feature.
The FH also has a number of other safety features, including the seat belt, seat belt pre-tensioner, Volvo cabin crumple zones, energy-absorbing design and driver’s airbag.