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Freightliner hotshot fulfills need for speed

Perth-based hotshot operator Dananni Haulage recently added two custom Freightliner CL112s to its growing fleet.

The unique 6×2 trucks were set-up with a 7.8m tray, a spacious 48-inch sleeper cab and a retractable lazy rear axle, a unique specification perfect for the application.

Dananni Haulage specialises in hotshot work, which means carrying freight that absolutely, positively has to get to its destination as fast as possible.

Much of the work is servicing high value industrial operations including mines, which can face huge productivity losses while waiting for critical parts or equipment.

Hotshot operators such as Dananni Haulage often carry equipment such as engines for dump trucks, or wheel groups for heavy equipment with the sole objective of moving freight as fast as possible.

So when it comes to building up a truck for the job there are many factors to consider, but carting huge weights is not one of them.

“We need reliability and good fuel economy, but the most important thing is driver comfort because our drivers are doing very long distances,” says Dananni Haulage owner, Danni Kempton.

The company, which Ms Kempton has built into a 23-truck fleet throughout 20 years of operation, is in an excellent position to service the mines northward in Western Australia, but it also runs gear as distant as far north Queensland and even Tasmania.

“We will go anywhere there is a road, so our drivers can be on the road six days straight,” she says.

The drivers run two-up, with one driving and the other resting.

The two Freightliners have racked up many kilometres during their short time in the fleet and Ms Kempton has given them a big thumbs-up.

“The Freightliners are the best trucks in the fleet; by far,” she says.

Ms Kempton explains that not everyone thought the specification of the trucks she had chosen was correct.

“There were people who thought I had no idea when I built up the Freightliners and were waiting for it to end up in a big mess,” Danni says.

“But I had done my homework and I knew it would work. The proof is in the pudding and the Freightliners are the best two trucks we have,” she adds.

The key benefit is the driver comfort because “they are like driving around in a big armchair,” while the fuel economy is significantly better than comparable trucks in the fleet.

Ms Kempton says her Freightliners achieve around 4.4km to 4.5km per litre when running with the lazy axle up off the ground and around 4.2km to 4.1km per litre when a heavy load is added and the lazy axle drops down.

The Dananni Haulage CL112s run 8.9-litre Cummins ISLe5 six-cylinder engines set at 340hp and linked to Eaton UltraShift AMTs and they sit on Meritor axles. The engine can be upgraded to 400hp if required.