Looking to be a part of a magazine that caters for the people that care about how they do their business? We feature the operators, drivers and companies that lead by example. The people that are  lifting up the image of the industry with exceptionally well built vehicles that are immaculately kept. There is an old saying in the industry that if a customer can see a driver and a company looking after their vehicles they have the expectation that they will look after their freight as well. We want to attract the next level of passionate workers to the industry and increase the professionalism and standard of the industry. You can’t just get a nice truck. These vehicles are crafted by Australian manufacturers with aftermarket accessories designed to withstand Australia’s harshest conditions. We focus on the people that make these trucks, sell these trucks and run these truck.
Our passion is within our pages so let our passion become your passion and advertise your product and service in Australian Custom Trucks Magazine. Take a look at our Media Kit and get in contact.